Self isolation Kebab shop wonders

So, Luke took some of our sad looking red cabbage and turned it into delicious 'Kebab shop wonders'

Delicious and so good for you and easy!

Follow the recipe, (we've taken if from Binnur's Turkish Cookbook) and enjoy.


1/2 head of red cabbage
1 tbsp salt

For the pickling liquid:
2 cups water
1/2 cup vinegar
2 tbsp salt
1 tsp liquid oil
1 tbsp lemon juice

Remove and throw away the white centre of the cabbage. Cut it in thin slices (julienne cut) on a wooden board, put into a large bowl. Sprinkle 1 tbsp salt all over and squeeze the cabbage pieces with your hand. Put aside for at least half an hour. This way the cabbage will soften and won't be bitter. Then rinse and drain.

Meanwhile, bring to boil water, vinegar, salt, liquid oil and lemon juice for 3-4 minutes into the pot. Turn the heat off. Put it aside to become tepid. Layer the cabbages into the large clean glass jar (or jars). Cover the cabbages with this water. You can discard the remaining water. Tightly cover the jar. Keep the jar upside down. Keep it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days before serving. 


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