Probiotics yes, prebiotics yes, yes yes!

Probiotics yes, prebiotics yes, yes yes!

Fermented food and drink are super good for you because they are alive with the kind of microbes you want inside your body. The multitude of species of bacteria as well as all the other things are hugely good for you. I use Kombucha as a daily dose of goodness that keeps my gut in order and makes me feel great. It’s also sorted my IBS out!

For me it’s vital to make sure that I try to keep myself ‘topped up’ with these good cultures. But it’s also important and possible to nourish and maintain good cultures of bacteria in your gut by feeding them the right foods.

Internally there is a war raging constantly between a host of microbes wanting to have ownership over our gut and beyond. It’s a fight between good and evil and most of the time the good win and you feel fine.

Now depending on your diet, there will be an unfair advantage for certain strains. They have different taste in what they like and so thrive or die off depending on the plentitude of that food source. . It’s like any biosphere, the species with the food it needs take over and crowd out the rest.

There are microbes that love sugar. There are ones that love charred meats and there are those that LOOOOOOVE green and leafy veg. The more we eat of one thing, the more space the bacteria that like that kind of food gets, and the more space they take up the fewer of the others we have and the environments that these strains create in the lining of your gut can heal or harm our gut(lining) and us. There seems to be one particularly bad effect caused by a gut colonised by ‘bad’ microbes and that is referred to as a leaky gut.

If you haven’t heard of leaky gut I suggest you look it up. It is incredible what diseases scientists are connecting to this chronic gut disorder.

AS yet, the science is in an earlyish phase, but for me, the books and studies I have read make a lot of sense. 10% Human; how your bodies microbes hold the key to your health and happiness by Alanna Collen is a great intro to what the importance of

microbes, both on the inside and outside and what a leaky gut is and what happens to us when we get it.

If you don’t fancy reading anything, then you can still easily help your gut be happy and healthy. How? Well you just eat lots and lots of prebiotic foods.

Some examples of super foods we should devour daily are; asparagus, bananas, chicory root, onions, leeks, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke and leafy greens. Important as well is to keep it versatile, change it up, keep it interesting.

Load in the veg, throw out the sugar… (no more doughnuts for me).

As Hippocrates said, all disease begins in the gut. I am of the same belief. So regular love and care for your insides will only do you good. Oh and drink Wild Fizz Kombucha ya’ll!

Let me know how you get on.

Big GUT love



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