Kombucha workshop at Adidas Studio


Arriving a little early on a rainy, dark evening a few days ago I manage to buttress the door to the well hidden entrance to the Adidas female fitness studio on Brick Lane. With arms laden with jars, SCOBY packs, tea and tote bags filled with booch Alex, one of the Soul Sisters, smiles and shows me in.

I’ve arrived here to do a Kombucha Masterclass with a group of interested ladies this evening. I’m being realistic about the turn up as it’s basically raining cats and dogs. 

To my surprise and delight the class filled up completely. 

During the evening everyone got their hands dirty. During my workshops I supply everyone who comes with a full kit; jar, SCOBY, and all the tea and sugar and tools to make Kombucha. 

We then go through all the steps to make it, with a lot of time for questions, so it’s really clear and easy. I want it to be fun, not scary!

The best part of the night for me was when I ask everyone to pick up their SCOBY’s. It’s a ritual I make sure everyone does, as I feel it’s so important to touch and get to know your SCOBY friend. 

Initially the responses are always that it’s a bit gross, but after a while most people get used to the slightly slippery jelly like creature which is the Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast.

Another thing we always do is name our jars, another way to get people to really engage with the process and feel more empowered to go home and continue.

The evening was wonderfully held by Alex. She and her sister Maddy run the Adidas Studio in Brick Lane, an awesome space, only for ladies that’s totally free if you’re a member. Every week they organise different events, anything from drumming to, well, Kombucha making. 

It’s a great place and Alex and Maddy are such lovely humans, always full of great vibes and love. It’s worth a look up - Soul Sisters Fitness

As we all hugged good bye and walked out into the night, no one seemed to mind that it was still cold and wet, as they were happily loaded with knowledge*, tote bags and their very own SCOBY.

If you want to find out more about Adidas and what the Soul Sisters do go here:

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See you there,

Big GUT love
/ Gina

*I’ll mention here that I also run a SCOBY hotline for those who need it ;


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