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    Self isolation Kebab shop wonders

    So, Luke took some of our sad looking red cabbage and turned it into delicious 'Kebab shop wonders' Delicious and so good for you and easy! Follow the recipe, (we've taken if from Binnur's Turkish Cookbook) and enjoy. - 1/2 head of red cabbage1 tbsp saltFor the pickling liquid:2 cups water1/2 cu... View Post
  • | Gina Geoghegan

    Veganuary- are you in?

    Since August 2019 my partner and I have been vegan. We thought we'd try go not just do the veggie thing, but go 100% and see how we got on. Surprisingly it was a lot easier than we had imagined. There are so many options now that you never have to fee like your losing out on taste, texture or fu... View Post
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    Probiotics yes, prebiotics yes, yes yes!

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